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December full moon – a solstice full moon – on December 18-19

The December full moon is called the Cold Moon, Moon Before Yule, or Long Night Moon. It crosses high in the sky, mimicking the June sun.

What is an opposition?

Opposition is when Earth passes directly between the sun and an outer planet, placing the outer planet on the opposite side of the sun as seen from our sky.

Ecliptic is the sun’s path in our sky

The ecliptic is the path the sun takes across our sky. It's the Earth-sun plane, and, more or less, the plane of our solar system.

Can you spot the Spring Triangle?

As the Northern Hemisphere enters spring, a triangle of stars rises in the east, made up of bright beacons from three prominent constellations.

What is a conjunction?

When you hear the word "conjunction" in astronomy, you know it means 2 objects close together on our sky's dome. This post defines inferior and superior conjunctions, plus discusses conjunctions between planets, stars and the moon.