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‘We love it.’ Webb in arts and crafts

James Webb Space Telescope made from tiny plastic blocks in several colors.
A user by the name of tonysmyuncle created this model of the James Webb Space Telescope and submitted it to the LEGO Ideas web page. Image via LEGO.

Sometimes when you’re anxiously anticipating something good, it helps to keep your hands busy. These people got a little crafty as they awaited the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope and shared their creations on Twitter. From knitting to baking to LEGO creations, people used their creativity in a variety of outlets to express their love and excitement over the Webb telescope. Even NASA gave instructions for how to make a Webb-themed snowflake. Enjoy the inspiring creations below.

James Webb Space Telescope in baked goods

Bottom line: People kept busy as they anticipated the James Webb Space Telescope launch by creating a vast array of inspiring projects.

December 25, 2021
Human World

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