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December’s deep sky: Photos of the Spaghetti Nebula and more

Amazing astrophotographers in the EarthSky community shared their photos of December's deep sky with us, including the Spaghetti Nebula and galaxies.

10 best northern lights photos of 2021

The blog “Capture the Atlas” announced its 2021 Northern Lights Photographer of the Year contest. You can see 10 of the best aurora photos in the world here.

Updates on Webb Telescope’s long journey to L2

The James Webb Space Telescope will take about a month to unfurl as it travels to L2. Some are calling it Webb's "30 days of terror."

Webb launch photos from the EarthSky community

EarthSky community members captured fabulous images of the James Webb Space Telescope as it rocketed into space on its journey to L2.

‘We love it.’ Webb in arts and crafts

People kept busy while anticipating the James Webb Space Telescope launch by creating a huge array of inspiring arts and crafts.

Possible fossil spiral arms in our Milky Way

A team of scientists using Gaia data have examined filamentary threads in the disk of the Milky Way and think they might be fossil spiral arms.

Apollo 8 Earthrise photo anniversary, December 24

The iconic "Earthrise photo," taken Christmas Eve, 1968, from Apollo 8 during its orbit of the moon, helped launch the environmental movement.

Orion the Hunter, the world’s most recognizable constellation

Orion the Hunter may be the most recognizable constellation, visible from both hemispheres. It's best in winter from the north and summer from the south.

Top 10 stories of 2021 from EarthSky

The top 10 stories of 2021 is a review of what we've learned in the past year from our home planet, Earth, out to the vast universe.

EarthSky’s top photos from 2021

Enjoy EarthSky's top photos from 2021. All these photos were taken by members of the EarthSky community from all around the globe.